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Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible technology solutions

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to suit your needs, no two clients are  alike.

Featured Services

Forward Thinking

Our technology engineers are leader experts with years of computer experience

Sensible Solutions

We provide you with practical and easy solutions for your retirement resident community.

Welcome to

Bridging the technology divide by providing

"chunks of computer training" to baby boomers

in a fun interactive atmosphere

Contact us for details: 678-331-7414


Contact us for dates of upcoming classes

office: 678-331-7414   email: SERVICES@RUSH2COMPUTE.COM

  1. Computer Literacy 101 classes
  2. Microsoft Office software application classes - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  3. Facebook Social media classes
  4. PC maintenance 101




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